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We offer custom meals for busy professionals, individuals, athletes, and families to stay healthy and eat good food. Choose from a variety of meal selections on our standard, athletic, vegetarian, organic, or vegan plans.



Above and Beyond


We serve quality

We use only the most natural and freshest of ingredients that our seasonal state has to offer. Nothing is frozen, canned, or processed. Our beef is grass-fed while the chicken is cage-free and grain-fed. Both are steroid - and hormone-free.


Get that restaurant service at home

We combine the Devine experience of taste with quality ingredients. We use modern technique that allows us to provide a quality service in authentic recipes that soak up the same flavor found in fine dining restaurants.



We offer a fast-casual environment that rivals the convenience whether you're too busy to cook, unsure how, or simply do not want to. We offer custom meals for all lifestyles from busy professionals, individuals, athletes, and families.



Pick a meal pack OR a meal plan



Fresh foods hit the spot for brunch, lunch, & dinner every single time! Food is not just eating, it's a delightful experience and if you’re the type that’s afraid of commitment, this is the option for you. Choose a Meal Pack with either 8, 10 or 12 meals, all ready for delivery to your door. Easy, right?


Healthy eating does not have to be time-pressing! It's about enjoyment and nourishment of your taste buds. Get weekly handcrafted meals delivered right to your doorstep. Stop whenever you want or put it on pause if you’re going on vacation or just need a break. We deliver to your door until you tell us to stop.



But no one said it would be easy!

We'll come right to you!
Delivery of healthy food is the best solution for busy lifestyles or athletes who want to eat right, look healthy and work productively all day! This 3-step process couldn’t be easier.


Choose a meal pack or meal plan (See above).


Select from these unique preferences for your taste buds.


We get to workin’ & deliver! All you do is heat-up, & ENJOY!


Why Meal Management?

In the metro Detroit area there is a largely competitive market for meal management services. The growth of our premium services is all thanks to you! What makes us different? Well, that’s very simple - it’s the friendly system that we follow to provide a solution to a problem. Convenience and Quality.

We use only natural, fresh ingredients purchased from local farms and markets. Nothing is ever frozen, canned, or processed.; while our beef is grass-fed, and our chicken is cage-free and grain-fed. Both are steroid - and hormone-free.

In addition, all grains, nuts & seeds are rinsed, drained, washed, and air-dried. For our Jams, we carefully wash, sort, blanch, and blend together without any additives.

Now brought to your front door and it couldn’t be more simple.

Refrigerate, Heat-up, Eat, & Repeat!

It’s a simple, yet genius plan to start your week off right! Whether you want to plan for a couple of days, a week, or a month. We will have your back the whole time.

Once you receive your delivery right to your door you will have that simple peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to worry about rush hour traffic or stressful meal planning. Our Ninja meal chef delivers so discretely that you’ll never know we were there. With the exception of your Fresh, Whole, and Delicious meals!

All that you do from there is choose which meal to start with, heat-up, eat, and wait until your next meal. Our meal plan services are suitable for individuals, families, or events.

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Your future self with thank you for the happiness your belly will endure while enjoying our healthy meal delivery service.

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