Image by Ella Olsson


It all began with an idea to provide a superior service which in turn meant going the extra mile in making sure our customers are happy and self-satisfied with what we have to offer. That involves providing convenience, affordability, and quality. We’re not just another meal service, we are something bigger, something better.

Whole Thyme is built on a tripod model that expands off being budget-friendly, convenient, & healthy. We are here to provide an optimal experience by keeping your best interest in mind.

We understand that healthy habits are a compliment to a well balanced lifestyle. It is sparingly difficult for most people to prepare wholesome meals throughout the week, while remaining cost-effective. Convenience is a growing priority for today's consumers. There is a significant need for convenience and highly underrated demand for preparation. Which is what Whole Thyme can bring right to your door.

You bet we will do that for you!

You’ll find a variety of high-quality foods delivered straight to your door, making a healthy lifestyle more achievable. The ingredients we use come straight from local markets- the poultry is all natural, cage-free and grain-fed, without the use of hormones and steroids. Also, our fish is wild-caught, without the use of hormones and steroids.

We have been led to develop a variety of choices made in mind. Whether you want to save time & money, or simply achieve a health goal, or all the above - your health remains in mind.

You’ll soon see why “Whole Thyme” is a premier name in meal servicing!

We are passionate about nutrition, and the impact it has on your body. From harmful pesticides to toxic preservatives, we have a commitment to retract balance between whole, fresh, and taste.