6 Tips to Allowing Self-Care

Allow yourself time, it isn't selfish ~

This is something that goes way beyond occasional; also taking time for yourself does not just mean doing a random self-care day with a mani-pedi. Although this is a great example of spending your time practicing self-care, in order to reap the benefits, you must be consistent by expanding your caring routine for yourself to nourish all areas of your well-being.

What does self-care mean?

Promoting acts of care and nourishment refuels your energy at a deeper level. Our understanding of nutrition goes beyond food that we eat. As we understand more about the acts of nutrition in the body and the way it affects our health, we find additional ways to provide ourselves with proper care.

Some things that make up our primary health are those that make us whole:

1. Physical body

2. Emotional and mental state

3. Spiritual beliefs

4. Relationship to self

5. Relationship to others

6. Work

These unique pieces are the links that need the most focus in order to be self-fulfilled. It is important to put the most attention and care into these.

Examples of Self-Care

1. Physical Body:

Taking the time to ensure you are getting an appropriate amount of sleep can contribute to other aspects of your life. It is crucial that you do your due diligence as a host in your body to exercise regularly. Not only does exercise release healthy endorphins into your bloodstream, but it also releases build-up of toxins that can be a stem from stress, food, environmental factors, etc. Better yet, try taking a jog outside or a stroll through the park. Open your mind to nature while enjoying this beautiful endeavor. Maintaining a healthy diet is a factor that will help you gain focus onto your physical body. I follow the law that “you are what you eat”.

Taking on self-care can also be very much physical such as getting a massage, acupuncture, or even taking a nice long, warm, relaxing bubble bath. In this stage I notice the most challenging part can be setting time aside daily to ensure that we are emphasizing at least one if not more of these strategies into your daily routine.

2. Emotional & Mental State:

Having awareness to what we put into our body is more than just what we eat, it means feeding our mind with positivity, gratitude, appreciation, happiness, and balance. You can practice this by laughing, loving, and crying.

Your beliefs about yourself, and what you tell yourself, has an important connection to your self-esteem. If you are telling yourself that you are unworthy, it’s likely because you believe that you are. But guess what!? This crucial connection can also be used to nurture your self-esteem by merely working to change your inner dialogue and your beliefs about yourself. Affirmations can help you combat these negative beliefs. Which is why positive affirmations for self-esteem are so useful. Click here to view these TOP 39 affirmations to start your morning off right and this wonderful gratitude sidekick journal.

Practice reading about a new topic or take time to do the things that enjoy. Get into a routine for the morning and night that you take pleasure in and can find a consistent routine out of doing. Once you do these tips, you’ll find your life will start relishing balance.

3. Spiritual beliefs:

Having a relationship to a superior being are usually related to one’s perspective on life, death, and nature or reality. Believing in prayer, meditation, or religious communities are not the only ways to have a spiritual belief. Different ways to be connected to your higher self can be relinquished through nature. One can find purpose and guidance through forms of meditation and prayer.

Check out my morning meditation routine by following a mediation you’ll learn the art of focusing your mind to reap the full benefits of this ancient physical practice. Yoga is an essential part of your spiritual discipline. It incorporates a simple science on bringing harmony between the mind and body in your healthy living. Engage yourself in creating time to just be in the moment. When you begin a habit in this practice you will see the flame in your life flourish.

4. Relationship to Self:

I like to start my day with ritual habits and end it the same way. When I wake up in the morning it is the best way to set the stage. A great way to tackle this area of your life is engaging in your senses through writing. You can set up a vision board for the entire week, month, year, or day-to-day. I recommend writing in your journal after you enjoy your morning routine of yoga, meditation, or repeating your positive affirmations. Make sure that you are alone when doing this, you don’t want any distractions. Check out this morning sidekick journal.

Write down three tasks or achievements that you would like to accomplish for the day – you can always do more, personally, I like to set an achievable number so that I am setting myself up for success and not failure. I write my daily goals, celebrate my success from yesterday, and treat myself to something important that will contribute to my self-care. At the end of the day I review my day, write down the top three things that I did well for my day and then three things I would like to improve up on or would have done differently.

This practice allows reflection on our day to day activities. There are always going to be factors outside of our control. The improvements we make today overflow into what we can accomplish tomorrow.

5. Relationship to Others:

The relationships we have in our lives are made up of everyone we engage with. This can be our co-workers, friends, children, significant other, acquaintances, etc. A few common tips that play a key role in how we balance this area of our life is spending time with those that positively influence us – whether that means building relationships and losing some, some relationships are meant to stay for a season and others are meant for a reason.

Spend time going out on dates, vacations, have deep conversations with your loved ones. By doing this you re-engage that initial relationship of happiness and love. Go visit old friends or go out with your kids when you have the chance. Saying this does not mean that you must go out and spend a ton of money. You can have this interaction as simple as going to catch up over a cup of coffee or a stroll through the park.

My recommendation is to mutually agree to do something you both like to do by applying the 1:1 rule – similar to date night. It goes like this, whenever I pick a movie, or a meal, or an activity I let my significant other pick the next. It keeps things fun and interesting 😊

6. Work:

It is so easy to get caught up in our work lives and take that home with us. Instead of wiping off our shoes at the door we take the stress home with us. It is one of the most balancing practices to leave work right where you leave it. Have that work/life balance – I promise, you’ll never be so happy!

Try taking some time off work to learn a new skill or use that time to self-advocate for yourself. It is not often that our time-off work is just that. When you develop the skill of learning how to do that, other aspects of your life will fall into place. Set those boundaries before you take your time-off and once you set your goal and set that standard it will be easier to have the support and acknowledgment from others.

I know it is easier said that done. There are limitless options in the realm of self-care. The main component is to review and identify areas of your life that you would like to add more attention to. Once you do, take these tricks & tips and use them to engage in activities that support this healthy way of life daily. You will find this experimentation since there will be some habits more easily attained than others.

There may be activities that you do that will spill into other realms of interest such as meeting up with one of your friends for a yoga class. Or setting daily goals for your personal life and learning new skills at work. As you see, there are many combinations of self-care that can be applied in our current day lives!

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